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Toucher and Rich, good shit huh Maroki?

t&RIf you follow us in or around the Boston area you might have heard of these guys.  I hate writing posts about local stuff as I feel it limits our audience, but who am I kidding all I have is a local audience.  I’ve followed the show right from there start in Boston on the now De-funked WBCN.  The thing that really got me intrigued was there genuine on air nature.  Unlike Stern or any other radio personality, these guys just kind of seemed genuine. 

Toucher’s D-bag attitude, kind of the same attitude littered through this blog, gives the basis of what many listeners religiously tune in for.  Rich provides some more of the realistic view point’s needed to contrast Toucher’s cynical nature.  They do this organically though, it’s not as though these guys are “playing a character” once the microphone is hot.  How do I know this?

During their final days at WBCN before moving to 98.5 the Sports Hub, T&R went out on a local advertising campaign.  They issued an all call to their listeners who chose 5 local bars from the North Shore to the South Shore where they could meet, drink, and shoot the shit with the guys.  Not only did the both of the two hosts make it to most of the destination but they brought with them the other members of the show. 

I attended one of these events and was surprised to find an inebriated rich more than willing to snap photos, kill beers, and talk with ALL of those who showed up.  Since that time they have moved across stations and can be tuned in at 98.5 the sports hub.

The change didn’t influence the feel of the show all that much.  Most of the popular bits they had are still intact and others more sports related have been added.  There Chili Guy bit pops its head up every once in a while (when Adolfo can find him on the streets of Boston).  Drunking Red Sox Recaps are still broadcast across the greater Boston area.  The addition of “Pink Hat Trivia”, where the sloppy Adolfo heads out and questions the sharp-as a-tack female Red Sox’s fans provides more humor to a show already drenched in the air of superiority that Bostonians love to hear.

If you aren’t a fan already try them out.  I guarantee T&R will sit shot gun with you on your ride to work.

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